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Facebook Verification

Verify your Facebook account using our virtual phone numbers. Facebook sms verification starts from $0.21.


Twitter Verification

Verify your Twitter account using our virtual phone numbers. Twitter sms verification starts from $0.06.


Discord Verification

Verify your Discord account using our virtual phone numbers. Discord sms verification starts from $0.1.


Whatsapp Verification

Verify your Whatsapp account using our virtual phone numbers. Whatsapp sms verification starts from $0.48.


Telegram Verification

Verify your Telegram account using our virtual phone numbers. Telegram sms verification starts from $0.51.


Instagram Verification

Verify your Instagram account using our virtual phone numbers. Instagram sms verification starts from $0.1.


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Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Our main priority is to provide the best service to our customers. You only pay when you receive the text message.

Safe and Guaranteed

Safe and Guaranteed

We provide a 100% guaranteed SMS confirmation service. If you don't receive the SMS, full amount will be refunded!

Uninterrupted Support

Uninterrupted Support

We are always here. If you have a problem, you can always open a ticket from your customer panel.

Fully Automated System

Fully Automated System

All orders are delivered automatically. You can top-up your account and start receiving SMS immediately.

Advanced API System

Advanced API System

We have prepared a detailed API documentation for developers! You can use all services with our free API.

Reliable Payment Methods

Reliable Payment Methods

Safely top-up your account. We do not store your card details. Pay with your credit/debit card or cryptocurrency.

How does it Works

How does it work

Start receiving SMS quickly by following simple steps.

Our system works fully automatic. You can start receiving sms by topping up your account. If you have any problem or questions, you can always open a ticket from your customer panel.

Select Service

Select Service

Choose the website you would like to receive SMS from.

Select Country

Select Country

Select the country which you want your number from.

Make a Payment

Make a Payment

Top-up your account securely to complete your order.


Take a look at the most asked questions.

What does Dark SMS provides?

Simply, it is a virtual number service that you can receive SMS from various websites. When you don't feel comfortable sharing your personal number to register on a website, you can use one of our disposable numbers to receive text messages. There are many more use cases for virtual numbers. You can receive an SMS via our service for any reason you need.

Can I use the same number again?

We have two different services for that matter. With the regular SMS service, the numbers are disposable SMS numbers for one-time use only. Therefore it is not possible to receive another SMS to the same number again. However, with the rental service, you can receive as many SMS as you want during the rental time. Which can be rented from 4 hours to 8 weeks.

Why should I use virtual SMS numbers?

The main reason is privacy. When you register on a website or a service that you need to use regularly or one-time only, you don't feel comfortable sharing your personal phone number to verify your identity. With our virtual number service, you can instantly choose a number and get SMS from the service you would like to use and protect your privacy.

Does virtual numbers trustworthy?

Our virtual number service is 100% secure. The numbers you receive SMS are disposable virtual numbers for one-time use only and cannot be used again for any reason. If you would like to receive multiple SMS to the same number, you can use our rental service. We don't collect any personal information at all so it is not possible for us to share your personal information with third parties.

What happens if I don't receive an SMS?

You will get a full refund! If you don't receive the SMS you expect for any reason in 10 minutes from the time of your order, your order will be cancelled and full amount will be refunded to your account automatically. It is also possible to cancel the number you purchased without any reason and get full amount refunded to your account immediately.

What is number rental service?

If you don't want to receive a single SMS to a disposable virtual number, you can rent similar virtual numbers to receive unlimited SMS to the rented number during the rental time. It is possible to rent a virtual number from 4 hours to 8 weeks. Long-term rentals are better for cases like when websites require 2FA to log in to your account or OTP for taking important actions on your account.


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